Protecting Property and People from Fire

Firestopping is a passive fire protection method that slows or prevents the spread of fire and smoke from room to room. It forms an essential part of the overall system that protects a building’s structure and, most importantly, the people inside the building in the event of a fire.

Unfortunately, an estimated 55-60% of Canadian firestop systems are non-compliant. The firestop market is flooded by underqualified, high-risk amateurs performing subpar work. When we consider that 70% of fire-related deaths are from smoke inhalation, it’s easily apparent that high-quality firestopping can save lives.

We offer a range of firestopping solutions that bring your building back to the requisite fire-rating standards, including system design and maintenance services. You’ll value our collaborative approach to our work and our ability to get the job done on time. That’s in addition to our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety.

Achieving Firestopping Industry Excellence

Adler Construction Services is one of Canada’s most trusted and most experienced firestop system providers. We’ve worked hard to build and maintain that reputation over the past 35 years.

We see our education and training as being one of our best assets. Our team members have relevant qualifications and are specialists at what they do. From there, we stay up-to-date with relevant industry programs and standards. We were one of the first to enrol in the ULC Firestop Contractor Program and we use only industry-best practices in our work.

That’s how we’ve built and maintained our reputation for excellence.


Expansion Joints


Multiple Penetration Openings

Temperature Ratings

Firestopping Facts:

  • Implementing a firestop system can be difficult to schedule, particularly where there are tight deadlines. That’s why we see pre-planning and collaboration as being a key component of our services.
  • Estimates from the US suggest that 56% – 58% of firestop systems are non-compliant. While studies have not been done in Canada, experts predict these numbers would be similar to those in Canada.
  • Most firestop scopes in Western Canada are performed by NON-ULC Qualified Firestop Contractors.
  • Nearly 70% of all building related deaths are directly associated with smoke inhalation.
  • Adequate firestop measures can prevent or stop the spread of smoke through openings in walls and floors. This saves lives.

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